Spanish Lessons

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Spanish, we look forward to helping you turn this dream into a reality. Our goal is that you not only learn to speak this beautiful language with confidence, but also that you have fun in the process.

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About The language prof

  • More than 20 years' experience in teaching languages
  • High School Teacher's Certificate
  • Master's Degree in Education
  • Experience teaching Adults, Teens and Younger Children
  • Individual and Group Classes
  • Native European
  • Located in Dallas, TX (but available Worldwide for online instruction)

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What Our Students say About the language Prof


I highly recommend Jako! We have been studying Spanish together, on a weekly basis, for 2 1/2 years now! I have enough Spanish learning books that I thought I could just keep myself motivated to study on my own, but that didn't work. It was too easy to always blow it off! Now that I meet with Jako weekly, it motivates me to keep up and I enjoy learning so much more!
And just an aside. The guy is brilliant! Because he speaks so many languages, it helps me to learn Spanish, because he can explain the roots of certain words which I might struggle to remember. Then, I go, "AHA! Now I understand!" Please give him a try, either for yourselves or your kids, no matter their ages!


Jako is encouraging, professional, observant, motivating, and a lot of fun. He will ensure that you love learning your new language—that’s important because language learning is a real commitment.

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